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Looking for a Wedding Magician?

Wedding Magician...I am sure you have been to a wedding before and stood around killing time with people you don't know wondering "When's the food?"
We will provide amazing sophisticated entertainment (a close up wedding magician or illusionist) covering all the dead spots and down time during the day filling it with memorable and incredible illusions ensuring your wedding day is the one people remember....for all the right reasons!

We suggest the following Wedding Magician package:

1) The Ice Breaker

Whilst the photographs are taking place, many of your guests are left to fend for themselves. Without any entertainment, this part of the day can lead to ‘dead spots’ for your guests as they eagerly await the main meal. Hiring one of our top wedding magicians guarantees to turn this part of the day in to one of the highlights! Our performer will astound your guests entertaining them with amazing wedding illusions including making gold fish materialise from thin air!

2) Table Magic

During the wedding breakfast (in between courses) Our wedding magician will visit each of your guests’ tables performing a high level show at table-side featuring mind-reading, making bottles of wine appear from nowhere and removing peoples watches. You can expect to hear pockets of applause from all around the room generating a great atmosphere for you and your guests.

3) The Big Finale

It’s time to for the big finale with the entire room watching. This is great way to warm up to the speeches and put all your guests at ease. Our wedding magician will invite one of your guests (usually the best man), to join them at the front of the room. Everyone will be mesmerised as we perform a large scale illusion which is as fun at it is amazing. This is a great photo opportunity and will create another great memory for your special day. 

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Check out the videos below, filmed live at weddings.


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