We Supply Elite Magicians & Entertainers For Your Premier Golf Club Events.

CloseUpMagician.Com have supplied Elite Close Up Magicians, Cabaret Artistes and Illusionists to 100’s of premier golf club events. These include: Gala Dinners, Captain’s Nights and Awards Evenings where sophisticated, first class entertainment is essential to your successful night.

Are You Organising Entertainment At
A Golf Club? 

If you are organising entertainment for your next Gala Dinner, Captain’s Night or Ladies’ Night we want to ensure that your event is the one they remember…..for all the right reasons.

Hiring an elite close up magician will ensure that your event has no dead spots and hanging about before or between the food courses. Instead this time is filled with sophisticated award winning entertainment. If your budget allows you can even have a small cabaret of full sized stage show at the end of the meal before any music entertainment commences.

These three tried and tested entertainment concepts will guarantee your night's entertainment is incredible: 

1) Close Up Magicians

Our team of Close Up Magicians will begin by entertaining your VIP’s during the drinks reception, performing larger close up magic stunts and creating a great atmosphere at the start of the night. In-between the courses of the meal, the team will visit each table performing jaw dropping illusions such as: making goldfish appear, passing bottles through tables and reading your guest’s minds. What could be ‘dead spots’ in the evening are replaced by memorable entertainment highs.

2) Sophisticated Cabaret

After dinner, one of our managed acts will entertain the whole audience with a cabaret show featuring magic, mind reading and side splitting comedy. We don’t want to spoil all of the surprises, but performances include: levitating a guest, predicting the national lottery and incredible escapology. These performances are designed to either close the event with a spectacular finale or energise your guests prior to the musical entertainment, guaranteeing everyone is in the mood to party.

3) Undercover Illusionists 

Members of our teams disguise themselves as members of the waiting staff. None of your guest will suspect thing as the waiter announces that he would like to perform his party piece.
What follows is incredible selection of illusions performed using your guests as the assistants!
This includes levitating someone and sawing another in half. The host can even be produced by magic!

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Check out the videos below, filmed live at events.


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